Good morning Friday



YES, It is Friday. The day I’m always looking forward to. This week has just been  full speed ahead but at the same time snail’s pace. It is therefore nice to know that it is finally FRIDAY !

This friday is intended to be great. I have today sleep in and I’m starting the day with this delicious breakfast of vanilla skyr (A danish dairy product that is very high in proteins, it is very similary to greek yoghurt), with layers of blueberries, chopped appels, strawberry pure and granola with roasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seed. For me one of the best way to start the day, with the most important meal 👌🏻👏🏻

Later I’m going to school and tonight I’m going to a costume party because on Sunday it is shrovetide which we shall celebrite with cream bun and for the kids costume and hit the cat out of the barrel – no worries it is only what we call it, no cats are going to be harm.
I have for this party borrowed a bear costume from my sister, Thanks Sis.

What are you plans for the weekend and do you celebrate shrovetide?

Have a lovely FRIDAY ❤ But first Hot Chocolate & ‘The One’ 😛



10 Things in september

DSC_1276DSC_1149 DSC_1277 IMG_1606 DSC_1357

August is over and is time to make a status on the month. I didn’t do all the things that I wanted to do all the thing on my 10 things in august.
I didn’t do a lot of them. I had BBQ on a beautiful summer evening and I eat frozen yoghurt with my best friend. I sent a nice birthday wishes to my sister and I watched the movie Inside out. Then I also did eat a lot of donuts peaches. Ice cream and went out partying.  On the other hand I didn’t watch the tv-serie to end and I didn’t buy new jeans 😦

Here is 10 things i want to do in September:

  1. Make a treasure hunt to my dad on his birthday
  2. Celebrate the Chinese midt -autumn festival on th. 27 September
  3. Eat chines moon cake.
  4. Make my favorit cookies
  5. Spend an afternoon on my favorite cafe with the best people.
  6. Make homemade sushi
  7. Send a letter to my sister in Sweden (she has moved and the distance has never been longer)
  8. Buy a cosy Sweaters/Knitwear
  9. Spend a hole day under in my bed with hot chocolate and movies
  10. Take my car to the MOT test – it is time for my baby, to get a tjek up.

What do you have of planes in September?

August måned er over og det er tid til at gøre status over den sidste måned. Jeg fik ikke gjort alle tingene på min 10 ting i august liste. Jeg fik dog spist frozen yoghurt, grillet i det skønne sommervejr, sent søde fødselsdagshilsner til min søster og jeg fik set filme inderst inde. Jeg fik også spist en del donuts ferskner, is og var ude og feste helle natten. Derimod fik jeg ikke set tv-serien færdig og jeg er ikke ejer at et par nye jeans 😦

Her er 10 ting jeg vil lave i september:

  1. Lave en skattejagt til min far på hans fødselsdag.
  2. Fejre den kinesiske midt-efterårs festival
  3. Spise kinesisk månekage
  4. Lave min favorit småkager
  5. Tilbringe en eftermiddag på min ynglings cafe med de bedste mennesker.
  6. Lave hjemmelavede sushi
  7. Sende et brev til min søster (hun er flyttet længere op i sverige og afstanden er større end nogensinde)
  8. Køb en dejlig sweater/striktrøje
  9. Tilbringe en hel dag i sengen med kakao og film
  10. Få synet bilen – det er tid for min skat at blive tjekket.

Hvad skal du lave i september ?IMG_1643 

Xoxo Blue Ducklings