Outfit: Turn up the green


What a week! I have last week been so busy, especially the studies are stealling my time and it means not so much time for Blue Ducklings.

This week I had two school days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So when I came home, I was just done. One of the day we went to zoo in Copenhagen with my biology class. It was quite exciting and fun, but it would have been more amazing if it hadn’t been freezing cold and starting snow, Yes snow in April.
Next week also includes some school days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I’m so much not looking forward for these long days. But then there is my BF birthsday, yeah, only I don’t know what to give her, and she don’t know what to wish, any suggestions?

Todays outfit is in my green turtleneck sweater and my floral skirt. The sweater has stolen my heart. The color is stunning and I it seems like the sweater goes perfect with almost everything, just like the skirt.



Beauty Favorites January



My beauty favorites this month are following:

It is nice with some sunshine and color on my light skin. This bronzer is from Too Faced in the color Milk Chocolate Soleil which is a mat light/medium brown bronzer.
I find this light bronzer perfect for my light and mat winter colored skin. 

I can’t live without my eyelash curler. Without this eyelash curler I would just have stiff and straight eyelashes.

To give my eyebrows more filling I use Elf Eyebrow kit. I have been using this eyebrow kit for a year now and I’m very satisfied with the result I get of it.

In the winter there is nothing worse than dry and chapped lips. I therefore always have a lipbalm with me. 

The perfume I have been using most this month is my dear ‘In Love’ from Lancôme. It is one of my favorites perfume.

A cleaned old mascara brush is amazing. I use this brush for my eyebrows or on my eyelashes after mascara. By using the brush after mascara, I can spread the mascara out on all the lashes but without putting more mascara on. 

Right now I’m using a Better than sex mascara from Too Faced, but I’m not totally satisfied with the mascara.  I find The brush very clumsy and hard to work with.

A comb and a volume powder is amazing to give you hair some life. 

Maybelines Dream Lumi Touch is an amazing highlighter concealer. It has a great cover effect, easy to work with and doesn’t look greasy on the skin.

My all-time favorite for the time is my Clinque Almost Powder. It is a oil free powder so it doesn’t make my skin greasy. it also have a really great covering and the color is perfect. Before this powder I had trouble finding a powder that matched my skin color perfectly. 

Do you use some of these products and what do you think about them?


Oversize T-shirt & Braid


I have a pretty awesome day today. My first two classes have been canceling, so I could sleep late. My first class today starts at 12 p.m. but then I first get off at 3 p.m that is sad.

Because I don’t have any plans, except for going to school, I’m today wearing a very casual look, but still a bit stylish.

I love the cozy look an oversized t-shirt can make, and this t-shirt has a wonderful and really cute print with the elephants. To give the outfit a bit more everyday and formally style, I’m wearing a blazer over the t-shirt.
As the last touch I have braided my hair in a French braid, which is a super classic and lovely hairstyle.

What do you think? Do you sometimes have a day like this?

Have a lovely day dear readers <3.

Idag er en ret dejlig dag. Mine første to timer blev i morges aflyst, og jeg har derfor kunne sove længe. Det er rimelig luksus først, at skulle møde kl. 12, til gengæld har jeg først fri kl. 15.

Fordi jeg ikke rigtig har nogle planer for idag, altså udover skole, så er jeg idag i et afslappede outfit.

Jeg er ret vild med det afslappede look en oversize t-shirt kan skabe, og denne her t-shirt har derudover også virkelig et sødt print. For at gør outfittet en smule mere hverdagsagtigt og mere formelt, bruger jeg min elskede blazer udover.
Prikkede over i’et i mit outfit idag, er en fransk fletning, som super klassisk og fin. 🙂

Hvad synes du? Har du også bare nogle dage ligesom disse ?

Have en skøn dag ❤



Hairstyle inspiration

I easily gets tired of my hair. It doesn’t want to do the same as I wish and then it just end up being straight and boring.
Therefore I love to find inspiration to new hairstyle and these are some simple and easy hairstyles, but still trendy and stylish.
I would love to have my hair done like these hairstyles. The braid hairstyle is one of my favorites. I love the look braids makes and it can be super easy to make, if you know how to make it and if my hair wants to cooperation.
For the moment I’m also looking for hairstyle inspiration for this summer where I becomes student. You can never be too early out with these kinds of things.

Which hairstyle is your favorite?

Jeg bliver nemt træt af mit hår. Det vil ikke det samme som mig, og så ender det bare med at være glat og kedeligt.
Jeg elsker derfor, at finde inspiration til nye frisurer, og disse er frisurer er super simple og nemme at lave, men stadig flotte.
Jeg vil elske hvis mit hår var ligesom disse frisurer. Fletninger er en af mine favoritter. Jeg elsker det udseende fletninger laver, og så er detsuper nemt at lave, når man altså først har lært det, og hvis ens hår vil samarbejde.

Lige for tiden er kigger jeg også på frisurer for galla, hvor jeg bliver student.  Man kan aldrig være for tidlig ude med sådan nogle ting 🙂

Hvilken frisurer er din favorit ?