Birthday Wishes


29th January is for me a very special day, it is my birthday and I’m turning 19 years old. I’m really looking forward to this day, not because I’m getting older or getting presents, even through it is lovely to get presents. No I’m looking forward to this day because it is my day between friends and family.
What I’m looking forward to is to be celebrated, to spend time with friends and family and to be beloved of those I love.
Besides that I’m also looking forward to a big birthday cake and maybe some presents. 😛

These items are some of the things, I certainly wouldn’t mind getting on my birthday, especially the butterfly chair. Between these wishes I would also be lovely with some suprise presents. Suprise presents, are always funny and a horse could be awesome ! ❤

When is your birthday and do you already have some birthday wishes?




Inspiration – Autumn

Pictures are from tumblr

I wish that my autmn will be just as lovely as the pictures looks. I love autmn’s color they are so beautiful. I love the golde shade you find outsite mixed with the different shades of brown, red and yellow colors. Autmn is also the time where it really allowed to drinks litres of hot chocholate, chai latte or the new trend pumpkin spice. Autmn is the time where you where cozy sweaters, hopes around in new fallen leaves and lights candles at the window.
Between the cold, the darkness and the tiredness, there is so much great and beautifully at autumn. You just need to rember youself and the people around you about it.

Jeg håber mit efterår bliver mindst ligeså, dejligt som disse billeder symboliser. Jeg elsker efterårets farver. Jeg elsker de gyldne farver, som man finder udenfor, blandet med brune toner, røde og gule farver. Efteråeret er en tid, hvor det er tilladt at drikke littervis af varm chokolade, chai late eller den nyeste trend, pumpkin spice. Efteråret er den tid, hvor man gemmer sig i dejlige warme sweaters, hopper rundt i ny nedfaldet blade og tænder stearinlys i vinduet.
Udover kulde, mørket og trætheden, så er der så meget smukt ved efteråret. Du skal bare huske dig selv og andre omkring dig på det.

Xoxo Blue Ducklings.