W7 Gelly Sandwich & Myrtle Green Nails




I was pretty excited to use W7 Gelly Sandwich kit, when I found it at the drugstore. A big problem for me, when I’m using nail polish, is that the nail polish starts to crackling, just after a few days. I therefore hoped that using W7 Gelly Sandwich, my nailpolish would maybe last longer, even trough the product doesn’t promise it .

W7 Gelly Sandwich should give the same resultat as If you use gel manicure, but with this nail set you can do it without a LED nail lamp. The nail kit is super easy to use: First you clean of your nails, then you apply the gel base coat, lets it dry. Then two coats of normal nail polish. I used a nail polish in the color ‘Faded Myrtle’ which is a beautiful color with a green and greyish look, LOVE IT <3.
When the normal layers of normal nail polish is dry, you apply the clear gel top, and vola you have beautiful nails.

I found the drying time quite good of the kit, and the top coat gave the nails a lovely ekstra shine. Unfortunately the nail kit didn’t make the nail polish last longer. After three days the nail polish started to crackles at the tips of the nails.

Even though the kit didn’t make the nail polish last longer, I’m still satisfied with the product. The bace coat prevents your nails from discoloration, and the top coat really gives the nails a lovely ekstra shine.

Besides that I’m a person who use my hands a lot, which also tears on the nail polish.

Have you tried W7 Gelly Sanwich and do you have any advice to make the nail polish last longer ? 😀





Red Nails



There is something special about red nails; it is simple, feminine and sexy. Red are a powerful and positiv color which can symbolize warm, love, and passion . Red nails are perfect to give your style a little touch of that warm, love and happiness the red symbolizes.

What do your thoughts about red?

Have a lovely weekend ❤

Der er da lidt noget særligt over en rød neglelak; den er simpel, feminint og sexet.
Rød er virkelig en magtfuld og positiv farve, som både kan symbolisere kærlighed, varme, og begær. En rød neglelak er perfekt til at give dit outfit prikket over i’et, ved at give tilføje den varme, kærlighed og passion som den står for.

Hvad er din mening omkring rød og rød neglelak ?
– Have en fantastisk weekend derude 🙂 ❤yaoxv6tgp4g4zg7bxy3