My Amsterdam guide

Between all the preparation for my exams, I’m dreaming back to Amsterdam. Amsterdam really made a great impression on me, and I really hope that I soon will return to the city.


What I really love about the city is the small channels, with is houseboats and small bridges. Beside that I like the medieval look of the houses and that the houses is really narrow. The history behind it is; the more money they had, the more wider house they build.


When I was in Amsterdam I visited Museum Van Loon. The museum tells the story of the Van Loon family, which have been closely connected to the city of Amsterdam. The museum show how a prosperous family earlier have been living, and how the fashion was at that time. I must say the fashion at that time was lovely, just take a look on the pattern suit.

I also went to Eye, where you can see and try the technological developments film has undergone. 😀DSC_2166DSC_2148

Amsterdam has also great shopping opportunities. You can visit the nine streets or some more local markets, where you can find vintage items or crafts; like these handmade wood figures for painting.

I promise that I in my next post will show you, what’s in the shopping bag.
Maybe you can guess what it is? 

Now the most important part of the trip; the food. Amsterdam offers you all; from India, Chinese, to Italy, French. You can have dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, where I had a food-journey at Lastage, or small cafes.  It is a good idea to check up on the eating places in Amsterdam. Do yourself the service and see what other people recommend on sites like TripAdvisor, because some of the places are great others just tourist traps.

Some of the places I really can recommend”Ijssalon Tofanni” they have an amazing ice cream and sorbet. They even has a soy ice cream if you are lactose intolerance.

If you like Chinese/Asian food then visit  “New King”. The food is great and really reminds me of my summer vacation in Hong Kong. The only thing that I don’t think they do in China is; in Amsterdam you eat roasted onion with the rice? 😀

On my trip in Amsterdam I also visit the small place “Omelegg“. The place has the most delicious omelet, served with salad and bread. You really get a tasty meal for a fair price. I couldn’t eat mine up. I was so full that I skipped dinner and took a midnight snack when traveling home.

The only thing I missed in Amsterdam was my WiFi. Sometimes you could find places/spots with free WiFi, but then the WiFi wasn’t good.

I hope you enjoy this post, like i enjoy the trip.
Have you ever been in Amsterdam? If so, have you visit some of these places, or what can you recommend?



On the top of the mountain

IMG_0965  En af de første dage hernede, brugt vi på at bestige “Victoria Peak” ved “Pok Fu Lam Country Park”. Det var varmt (omkring 32 grader) og en smule hårdt – ellers er jeg i rigtig dårlig form, for de andre var mere forpustede-  at bestige bjerget, men udsigten fra toppen var det hele værd, hvilket jeg synes billederne beviser. På toppen er der forskellige spise og shoppings muligheder, derudover ligger der på toppen også “The Peak tower” en af Hong Kong’s atraktioner. Naturen hernede er meget anderledes end i Danmark, pga. Forskellen i klimaet. Den bliver dog ikke mindre smuk af det, tværtimod finder jeg den umådståelig og interessant. Desværre indeholder den nogle meget store edderkopper (ingen beviser, turde jeg ikke).  Vi snakker ikke om edderkopper ala fugleedderkopper, nok nærmer forvoksedet stankelben, men stadig (arrh). Derudover ser man desværre ofte afflad, især i form af plastikflasker, smidt i naturen (også inde i byen), hvilket virkelig er forgalt !!!! One of the first days in Hong Kong I used by climbing up “Victoria peak” at “Puk Fu Lam Country park”. The view from the top of the mountain, made the hole trip worth it. The view was so beautiful which the pictures also shows, but not enough. On the top of the mountain you also find the “peak tower” and a lot of shopping and dining options.  The nature in Hong Kong is very different from the nature in Denmark, because of the different clima. I only think the differents of the nature makes it more beautiful and interesting. Unfortunately you there is a lot of garbage in the nature which is sad and very wrong!!!  Xoxo Blue Ducklings