Outfit: Turn up the green


What a week! I have last week been so busy, especially the studies are stealling my time and it means not so much time for Blue Ducklings.

This week I had two school days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So when I came home, I was just done. One of the day we went to zoo in Copenhagen with my biology class. It was quite exciting and fun, but it would have been more amazing if it hadn’t been freezing cold and starting snow, Yes snow in April.
Next week also includes some school days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I’m so much not looking forward for these long days. But then there is my BF birthsday, yeah, only I don’t know what to give her, and she don’t know what to wish, any suggestions?

Todays outfit is in my green turtleneck sweater and my floral skirt. The sweater has stolen my heart. The color is stunning and I it seems like the sweater goes perfect with almost everything, just like the skirt.


I Wouldn’t Mind #2

| Shorts: Here | Earrings: Here | Bikini bottom: Here |Bikini top: Here |
| Bag : Here | Shoes: Here| Top: Here |

I wouldn’t mind wearing this casual boho inspired look. For me this look is just calling on summer, festival and beach trips.

The top and the striped bikini are my favorites, so lovely pattern. Ecspecily the top is wonderful. I can just imagine how the top will be perfect with a pair of black jeans or a mini skirt for a formel night look.

What are your thoughts ?
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February Favorites

February Favorites
Hello Sweeties. How have your week been ? ❤
These are some things have been looking on in this month. I’m for the moment inspired  that it is soon spring, and I’m so much looking forward to  the upcoming trend.
In the moment I have a passion for print and pattern, which this upcoming season will include a lot of. What this season also is including are tops with “shoulder cut out” and “lace up”. The white lace up shirt is in my opinion just perfect and I would love to wear it together with a suede biker jacket for this season. Underneath the shirt I would wear  lace bra, where the bra really will come to express.
A little half moon bag and a dark lipstick, I will be more than ready to meet this years spring.
What are you looking forward to wear this season? 😀

Hej søde mennekser. ❤ Hvordan har jeres uge været?
Jeg har here samlede nogle af mine favoritter for februar måned. Jeg er lige nu inspireret af at det snart er forår, og jeg ser derfor frem til den kommende trend.

Jeg har for tiden en kærlighed til mønstre, hvilket vi vil se meget mere til i kommende sæson, jubii. Foråret byder også på masser af toppe og trøjer med ‘shoulders cut out’ og snøre. Den hvide trøje er ifølge mig helt perfekt, og jeg ville elske at have en ruskindsjakke udover den, for denne sæson. Indenunder trøjen ville jeg selvfølgelig have den smukke blonde bh, som virkelig ville komme til udtryk i åbningen.
En lille halvmånetaske og en mørk læbestik vil være perfekt for foråret, og jeg vil være mere en klar, til at gå foråret i møde.
Hvad ser du frem til at iføre dig, til foråret 😀

Snowing Saturday 


I thought it was over with the coldness and show, but I got surprised this morning when I wake up to this snow landscape.

When I was outside trying to snap some outfits pictures for today’s post it started to snow again, which unfortunately affects the quality of the pictures. I must make it up to you a day. Before it started to snow too much and I gave up, I got these quick pictures.

It is amazing what a pair of skinny high waist jeans can do for you when you just 164 cm high. These jeans are not to high but still not low jeans and I find them therefore totally perfect.
As you maybe know, I’m for the moment in love with print and pattern. This t-shirt is simpler but have and lovely geometric print.

The cardigan/jacket is actually a male cardigan/jacket that I found in a second hand shop last year. I have then sewed the sleeve to, so it isn’t too loose and big. I like it gives an oversize and vintage look.

Valentine’s Day is up and it is weekend; what are your plans for these days?


Monday Outfit

Another school week starts, but I’m started to be tired of school. Luckily I get school vacation in the middle of February.
I would love to start this week in this lovely outfit. For the moment I’m dreaming about printed items and this one is stunning. I have already showed you my favourite shirt for the moment, the lovely patterned shirt. I’m considering if this one also should be mine, praticularly because the shirt right now are on sale.
What do you think about the shirt, a go eller no go ? Are you ready for another work/school week?

Endnu en skoleuge begyder, men jeg er virkelig blevet skoletræt. Heldigvis er der vinterferie om 14 dage.
Jeg ville elske at starte denne uge, i  dette smukke outfit. Jeg har for øjeblikkede en svaghed for smukt mønster. Jeg har allerede vist jer min ynglings trøje for tiden, den smukke mønstret trøje. Jeg overvejer om trøjen skal hjem til mig, især fordi den lige nu er på udsalg.
Hvad synes du om trøjen, er det et go eller no go ? Er du klar på endnu en arbejds/skole uge?
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Lovely Pattern



Black can be a lifesaver, especially when I don’t know what to wear and it feels like it is almost every day, but this lovely black blouse is more than a lifesaver, because it has the most beautiful pattern.
I love the simple but a bit special pattern which really gives the blouse some life. The blouse is perfect instead of a bit boring and very simple black t-shirt/blouse.

On the pictures I chose to style the blouse with a pair of black jeans for a simple work day outfit, but I also wanted to highlight the pattern, so I kept it simple and in black.

The pattern and the small details on the back and by the sleeve is real love. Right now it is my favorite blouse and it is a blouse I can use for a go out or a normal school day.

What are your perfect pieces of clothes?




Black Friday


| Watch | Perfume | Lambskin | Kitchen Machin | Jacket | Clutch |

It is Black Friday and I’m going to shop all day longe. These are some of the item that I would like to buy today on Black Friday. On a day like Black Friday there is really some money to save and you can make some real bargain. I love days like Black Friday where you really can make some great deals on expensive but really quality founds. I’m a kind of Scrooge McDuck, and making a bargain of things that I have been wanted and hunted for really makes me happy. I have bought the thing I have been dreaming for and I don’t have to live off pasta or oatmeal for the rest of the month.
This Black Friday I would really love to own the kitchen machine and the Daniel Wellington watch. I love to bake and cook and I YET own a kitchen machine! The Daniel Wellington is just fabulous, I find the watch very sexy and timeless.

Det er Black Fredag, og jeg skal shoppe hele dagen.  Disse er nogle af de ting, som jeg ville elske at købe her på ‘Black Fredag’. På en dag som ‘Black Fredag’ kan man virkelig sparer nogle penge og gøre nogle røverkøb. Jeg elsker dage som ‘Black Fredag’ da man virkelig kan lave nogle gode køb af dyre kvalitets varer. Jeg er lidt af en Joakim Von And, så at kunne gøre et røverkøb af en ting jeg virkelig har ønskede og søgt efter, gør mig virkelig glad. Så behøver jeg hellere ikke at leve af pasta og havregrød resten af måneden – Selvom jeg rigtig godt kan lide havregrød-.
Denne ‘Black Fredag’ vil jeg virkelig gerne køb køkkenmaskinen og Daniel Wellington uret. Jeg elsker at bage og lave mad, så køkkenmaskinen er bare perfekt og jeg ejer endnu ikke en. Daniel Wellington uret er bare fabelagtigt, det smukt, sexy og meget tidsløs.


The Elephant Parade Tee

DSC_1321DSC_1322 DSC_1324

When I found this t-shirt in a small shop in Hong Kong I was totally hooked up. I’m so much in love with the print of this t-shirt. The t-shirt is simpel with the elephant pattern but then they elephants is pattern. It just give the t-shirt something special and different from what I’m normally use to in Denmark, a lot of simpel black, grey and white clothes, but then the style in Hong Kong is so much more colors and mix and match. It will also be to hot to wear black at the summertime in Hong Kong. When I found the t-shirten it was love from first moment and I just couldn’t leave the shop without this elephant tee.

What do you think about the t-shirt and the print of it ?

Da jeg fandt denne t-shirt i en lille shop i Hong Kong var jeg totalt fangede. Jeg er vild med mønsteret på t-shirten, den er simpel med de små elefanter, men så er elefanterne dekoreret i et fint mønster. Det giver bare t-shirten noget specielt og anderledes, især i forhold til, hvad jeg normalt finder her i Danmark, som primært er sort, grå eller hvid. Stilen i Hong Kong er generelt bare anderledes i forhold til her. Der er mange flere farver og mix og match i Hong Kong. Det vil desuden være for varmt med sort tøj om sommeren. Da jeg fandt t-shirten var det kærlighed ved første blik, og jeg kunne ikke forlade stedet uden denne t-shirt.

Hvad synes i om t-shirten og mønsteret ?

Xoxo Blue Ducklings