About Blue Ducklings

Are you interesting in Fashion, Syle, Adventure and cooking etc., then welcome home to Blue Ducklings.

Hi I’m a 19 years old girl from Denmark, and this is my lifestyle blog ‘Blue Ducklings’.
Blue Ducklings is a space where everybody is welcome. It is here I love to share my adventures, my inspiration, my fashion style, and the ups and downs of the life.

This blog started in spring 2015 after I had been going through a hard time, which can happen for the best. After this period I was refilled with new spirit and I really wanted to use this spirit, that was full of inspiration and “You can do it”. Then I started this blog.
I started the blog because I belived that it was something for me. I believed it will be funny, interesting, and lovly to do, and so it is <3.

Blue Ducklings has now become my little ‘get away’ place, my baby and a sort of entertaining for me.

I will love to share my moments etc. with you and I hope, with my heart, that you will be a part of ‘this world’

If there is anything, you can contact me on:


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