I’m a Student


I have missed Blue Ducklings. The last two weeks have been so hectic but also filled with so many great and emotional moments.

I had my last examination last Tuesday, then I could call myself a student and even with an A. I’m so happy and so proud and I can finally enjoy my summer vacation. This also includes more postes on Blue Ducklings.

I have since I become a student been to prom, dimension and out driving as student (Danish tradition). Then there have been a lot of parties and tonight it is my time to celebrate me finishing high school toghter with Family and friends.

I will soon return, but here is a quick outfit post from yesterday. I’m still in  love with my  white jeans, summer vibes, and the suede crop top is amazing with the cut out details.



Outfit: Happy Friday


Hi people
I haven’t forgot you. The last two weeks have been so busy. I have been studying and have now only 2 out of 6 examination remain.

in my last post I promise to show you guys what I bought in Amsterdam and here you go. In Amsterdam I finally found the perfect pair of white jeans !! I have been looking and looking, but couldn’t find a pair that was spot on with the size or not too see-through.
These jeans are from Topshop and are the model Joni but in petite size – I’m a Mini- :*

Have an absolutely amazing Friday and Weekend ❤

Jeg har ikke glemt jer. De sidste to uger har virkelig været travle. Jeg har læst op, og har kun 2 ud af 6 eksamner tilbage.

I mit sidste indlæg lovede jeg at vise, hvad jeg havde købt i Amsterdam og værsgo. I Amsterdam fandt jeg de perfekte par hvide jeans. Jeg har vireklig været på udkig, men enten passede de ikke eller også var de for gemmensigtige.
Disse jeans er fra Topshop og er modellen Joni, i en petite size – jeg er en lille en- :*

Have en fantastisk fredag og en vidunderlig weekend ❤


My Amsterdam guide

Between all the preparation for my exams, I’m dreaming back to Amsterdam. Amsterdam really made a great impression on me, and I really hope that I soon will return to the city.


What I really love about the city is the small channels, with is houseboats and small bridges. Beside that I like the medieval look of the houses and that the houses is really narrow. The history behind it is; the more money they had, the more wider house they build.


When I was in Amsterdam I visited Museum Van Loon. The museum tells the story of the Van Loon family, which have been closely connected to the city of Amsterdam. The museum show how a prosperous family earlier have been living, and how the fashion was at that time. I must say the fashion at that time was lovely, just take a look on the pattern suit.

I also went to Eye, where you can see and try the technological developments film has undergone. 😀DSC_2166DSC_2148

Amsterdam has also great shopping opportunities. You can visit the nine streets or some more local markets, where you can find vintage items or crafts; like these handmade wood figures for painting.

I promise that I in my next post will show you, what’s in the shopping bag.
Maybe you can guess what it is? 

Now the most important part of the trip; the food. Amsterdam offers you all; from India, Chinese, to Italy, French. You can have dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, where I had a food-journey at Lastage, or small cafes.  It is a good idea to check up on the eating places in Amsterdam. Do yourself the service and see what other people recommend on sites like TripAdvisor, because some of the places are great others just tourist traps.

Some of the places I really can recommend”Ijssalon Tofanni” they have an amazing ice cream and sorbet. They even has a soy ice cream if you are lactose intolerance.

If you like Chinese/Asian food then visit  “New King”. The food is great and really reminds me of my summer vacation in Hong Kong. The only thing that I don’t think they do in China is; in Amsterdam you eat roasted onion with the rice? 😀

On my trip in Amsterdam I also visit the small place “Omelegg“. The place has the most delicious omelet, served with salad and bread. You really get a tasty meal for a fair price. I couldn’t eat mine up. I was so full that I skipped dinner and took a midnight snack when traveling home.

The only thing I missed in Amsterdam was my WiFi. Sometimes you could find places/spots with free WiFi, but then the WiFi wasn’t good.

I hope you enjoy this post, like i enjoy the trip.
Have you ever been in Amsterdam? If so, have you visit some of these places, or what can you recommend?


Home Decoration

Home #1


I wan’t wait. the 21th June, I can call my self student. I’m going to finish a big chapter in my life and start a new one. I’m therefore, more than ever, reflecting over my life and what I want to do in my life. It also means that I’m starting to prepare for moving out.

These items are affordable, but still they are so cute and would make the home look super trendy. The items are form Ellos -I like to go through rabble.dk and get some discount when I’m shopping.
Of the above items the mugs are my favorite.

Jeg kan næsten ikke vente. Den 21 juni kan jeg kalde mig selv studnet!. Jeg afslutter et stort kaptiel i mit liv, og starter et nyt. Jeg reflektere derfor, mere end nogensiden før, over mit liv, og hvad jeg vil i livet. Det betyder at jeg også forbereder mig på, at flytte hjemmefra.

Disse ting er til at betale, men er stadig super fine og vil gøre hjemmet super trendy. Tingene er fra Ellos – Jeg kan godt lige at handle gennem Rabble.dk, og få rabatkoder når jeg shopper.

Home #2


I wouldn’t mind if I got some of these in Student present. The plate is from the collection Hammershøi by the Danish designer brand Kähler. I have for a while considered to collect the Hammerhøi’s collection, because I really like the details of the collection. Then I have gotten a crush on the wall watch and the vase, not to mention how cute the golden cactus are!

Above items are form Royaldesign; a very interesting site – a nice tip, go through rabble.dk and get some discount when shopping-. 

Jeg ville ikke have noget imod, at få nogle af disse ting i studentergave. Tallerken fra Hammerhøi serien af Kähler, har længe været en overvejelse. Jeg kan virkelig godt lide Hammerhøi seriens design, så jeg har overvejede om jeg skulle samle på den?
Derudover, så har er jeg forelskede i væguret fra Georg Jensen, og den lille vase, ikke at forglemme hvor søde de små gyldne kaktuser er.

Overstående ting er fra Royaldesign; en virkelig interesant side – lille tip, gå gennem siden rabble.dk og får ekstra rabat når der handles. 

Home #3


LOVE, LOVE the duckling pillow so cute ! Then the lounge chair looks so comfortable, and with a lambskin, a nice cup of tea and a great book it would be absolutely perfect.
The vase has been on the blog before and is also from the Hammerhøi’s collection. It has actually been a wanted for a while now.

The items are from one of my favorite designer home site; Trendyliving.dk. When I’m shopping on this site, I like to go through Rabble.dk where I can get some extra discount.

Elsker, Elsker puden med ællingen, den er virkelig sød. Derudover så ser lounge lænestolen virkelig behangelig og fin ud, og med et lammeskind, en kop te og en bog ville være fuldstændig fantastisk. Vasen er fra Kähler’s Hammerhøi serie og har tidligere været på bloggen. Den har i et stykke tid været en Ønsker.

Disse ting er fra en af mine favorite bolig designer sider; trendyliving.dk. Når jeg handler på Trendyliving.dk, så går jeg gerne gennem Rabble.dk, hvor man kan få ekstra rabat. 

Do you have a favorite? ❤


Made in cooperation with Rabble.dk

Outfit: Striped Playsuit


Sunshine, Stripes and Sommer mood, I’m happy. I have only 8 days left, before the study period for the exams begin, and I’m so looking forward to finish High School. But before I have my last school day, next Thursday, I’m going to visit Amsterdam.

Friday afternoon I fly off to Amsterdam, where I’m going to stay until Tuesday. I’m going to stay at my cousin’s please, near The Red light District. I have never been in Amsterdam before, so I’m really looking forward to this trip.
I don’t have any special plans for what to experience while  I’m staying in Amsterdam. Not besides that we Friday evening are going to have dinner at Restaurant Lastage and Saturday evening we are going to my cousin’s birthday party.

Have you ever been in Amsterdam? If you have any recommendation of tips for the trip? ❤

Solskin, Striber og sommer humør, jeg er glad. Jeg har lige nu kun 8 dage tilbage på gymnasiet, før læseferien begynder, og jeg ser virkelig frem til, at afslutte gymnasiet. Men inden jeg har sidste skoledag, på næste torsdag, så tager jeg lige et smut til Amsterdam.

Fredag eftermiddag flyver jeg afsted til Amsterdam, jeg skal være i Amsterdam indtil tirsdag, hvor jeg igen flyver hjem. Imens jeg er i Amsterdam skal jeg bo hos min fætter, som bor tæt på The Red light Distriktet. Jeg har ikke tidligere været i Amsterdam, så jeg ser virkelig frem til at oplev byen og det hele.
Jeg har ikke nogen specielle planer, for hvad jeg skal opleve i Amsterdam, mens jeg er der. Ikke udover at jeg fredag aften skal ud og spise på restaurant Lastage, og lørdag aften skal jeg til min fætters fødselsdagsfest.

Har du tidligere været i Amsterdam? Hvis du har, har du så nogle gode anbefalinger eller tips til turen?<3

Want to wear in May

Orange is the happiest color.
|Top: Here| Skrit: Here | Sneakers: Here |Earrings: Here | Perfume: Here| |Jacket: Here | Bag: Here| Body Scrub: Here | Dress: Here |
In May I want to match the sun, I want to wear warm tones, such as orange. We aren’t far away from the official summer and the days are more and more full sunshine.
It is now time to wear skirts and dresses and show the skin. I have found two lovely ways to style the perfect summer look.  I find the sneakers and the demin jacket absolutely perfect for both the skirt and the dress.
For the sunny weather, I like to prepare my skin by using a body scrub. It cleans and removes the old skin cells, then it also add moisture to the skin. It also makes it easier for your body to become suntanned. Then I like to add a scent of summer and honey buy using Marc Jacobs Honey, one of my favorite summer perfumes .

I maj måned vil jeg match solen, jeg vil iføre mig varme toner, som orange. Vi er ikke langt fra, at det officielt er sommer og dagene er mere og mere med solskind og varme.

Det er nu tid til at iføre sig nederdele og kjoler og vise hud. Jeg har på lavede to smukke måder, hvorpå du kan lave det perfekte sommer look. Både denim jakken og skoene er ifølge mig perfekte til både kjolen og nederdelen.
Når det bliver sådan et solskinsvejr, så kan jeg godt lide at forberede min hud, ved at bruge en body scrub. Den både renser og fjerne de døde hudceller, og tilfører fugt til huden. Derudover gør den det også nemmere for kroppen, at blive solbrun. Derudover så elsker jeg at tilføje kroppen en duft af sommer og honning med Marc Jacobs Honey, en af mine fortrækkende sommer parfumer.
Kjolen og toppen er fra Asos, Parfumen og body scruben er fundet hos EzzenceEr du vild med nederdelen, demin jakken og øreringen, så find dem hos Spartoo, og De smukke Nike sko kan findes på Sportsmaster. Disse butikker er nogle af mine fortrækkende online butikker, og når jeg handler på disse webside, så klikker jeg mig gerne forbi Rabble.dk, for at få rabat.
Made in corporation with rabble.dk – Lavede i samarbejde med rabble.dk

Outfit: Turn up the green


What a week! I have last week been so busy, especially the studies are stealling my time and it means not so much time for Blue Ducklings.

This week I had two school days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So when I came home, I was just done. One of the day we went to zoo in Copenhagen with my biology class. It was quite exciting and fun, but it would have been more amazing if it hadn’t been freezing cold and starting snow, Yes snow in April.
Next week also includes some school days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I’m so much not looking forward for these long days. But then there is my BF birthsday, yeah, only I don’t know what to give her, and she don’t know what to wish, any suggestions?

Todays outfit is in my green turtleneck sweater and my floral skirt. The sweater has stolen my heart. The color is stunning and I it seems like the sweater goes perfect with almost everything, just like the skirt.


I Wouldn’t Mind #2

| Shorts: Here | Earrings: Here | Bikini bottom: Here |Bikini top: Here |
| Bag : Here | Shoes: Here| Top: Here |

I wouldn’t mind wearing this casual boho inspired look. For me this look is just calling on summer, festival and beach trips.

The top and the striped bikini are my favorites, so lovely pattern. Ecspecily the top is wonderful. I can just imagine how the top will be perfect with a pair of black jeans or a mini skirt for a formel night look.

What are your thoughts ?
The post contains affiliated links

50 Shades of Green


More stripes… I can’t get too much of it. This green and white striped top, is together with my lace up striped top my absolute favorites stiped tops. For this outfit I have styled the top with different shades of green.
Especially the bomber jacket has a gorgeous green pattern, and have been used a lot last year when the weather allowed it. Besides bomber jacket is really trendy and a cool way to add a sporty look for the outfit.

This Saturday I’m going to a lifestyle bazaar which I’m really are looking forward to. It is always fun to see what they small stands has to offer, all from cloth, jewellery and beauty products to tasty products like honey with forest berry, yummy.

What do you think of the bomber jacket?  Have a great weekend ❤


Flere striper…. Jeg kan ikke få nok. Denne grønne og hvid stribede trøje er sammen med min lace up stribde top  mine absolutte favorit trøjer. For dette outfit har jeg stylet toppen med forskellige nuancer af grøn.
Især bomber jakken har et fantastisk grønt mønster, og er blevet brugt en del sidste år, når vejret tillod det. Derudover er bomber jakker virkelig moderne, og en super måde, at tilføje et sporty look til dit outfit.

Denne lørdag skal jeg til livsstils basar, hvilket jeg virkelig ser frem til. Det er altid sjovt, at se hvad de små boder har at tilbyde, lige fra tøj, smykker og beauty produkter til honning med skovbær, mums.

Hvad synes du om bomber jakker? God weekend derude ❤


Shades of Pastel

Shades of Pastel
| 1 | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7 |

A new season calls for inspiration for the outfits. I find most of my inspiration in the things that there surrounds me, and I’m for this outfit especilly  inspired by spring and the currently fashion.

The delicate and soft shades for spring and summer is so beautiful. You can mix them on so many ways and wear a elegant and stylish look from top to toe.
Here is my suggestion on an perfect casual look with beautiful pastel color. Especilly the top is amazing, it’s not only super cute but also super trendy and will dress you stylish through the spring.
Add last touch with a light, floral and fruitish scent and a cute hot coral lipstick.

A great site to find extra inspiration is rabble. You can on the site find discount codes to shops like; Nelly.com, Asos.com & Zalando.com  and many other shops.

What and where do you find inspiration?

En ny årstid kalder på ny inspiration for ens outfit. Jeg finde inspiration i de ting der omgiver mig, og for dette outfit er jeg især inspirerede at det smukke forår, og den nuværende mode.

De blide og sarte toner til forårets og sommerens outfit er så fine. Bland de fine pastelfarver på kryds og tværs, og iføre dig et elegant og stilfuld look fra top til tå.
Her er et fint bud på et perfekt hverdags look med fine pastelfarver. Især toppen er perfekt, den er ikke bare smuk, men også super trendy og vil klæde dig stilfuldt gennem foråret.
Sæt prikken over i’et med et strejf af en let, blomster og frugtagtig duft, og en  læber i en sød koralfarve.

Et af de sider, som er super gode at hente ekstra inspiration fra, er Rabble.dk. Her kan du finde rabatkoder til  sider som; Nelly.com, Asos.com & Zalando.com  og mange flere.

Hvor bliver du inspirerede?


Lavede i samarbejde med rabble.dk – Made in cooperation with rabble.dk